Friday, November 14, 2008

Chalk one up for President Bush

In spite of the drubbing he's taken in the press and overall public opinion, most people believe we are winning the war on terror.

UPDATE: Michael Yon goes as are as to say "The war is over and we won." From the sound of it, President Obama will be able to pull troops from Iraq as he promised - but only because President Bush pressed for victory as opposed to slinking away with our tails between our legs.


  1. Wow - billions of dollars and thousands of lives later you are jumping to under-informed conclusions about a bloody foreign policy fiasco that Bush began for no justifiable reason.
    Maybe you need to re-read Candide, Dr. Pangloss. Your naive "it-all-worked-out-for-the-best" consequentialism is insulting.
    Readers would like to hear a reasoned list of premises for why the war was a good idea (each independent of its present success or failure) and then explanation of how your conclusion that is was a necessary policy decision logically follows.

  2. You are correct. The success or failure of a given decision does not bear any weight when determining whether the original decision was right or wrong. If you are interested in my reasoning on that front, I will address it in another post - probably not today, but to make myself do it, I'll commit to posting on that front by Thursday morning.

    However, that is exactly the driving force of the arguments against the war. It wasn't until the war became unpopular - in large part because it appeared unwinnable - that the democrats and the press felt they had an issue to beat the GOP on. Once things turned in Iraq, the war dropped of the radar - both in the press and from the Democrat campaigns. If they really felt the war was wrong on the merits, they should have continued to press it.

    All I was pointing out here was that President Bush should be credited with succesfuly executing what everyone believed was impossible.