Monday, November 24, 2008

Duped by the Irishman?

I know there have been several sites out there making light of how O’bama may have hoodwinked the American public during his campaign. I have true questions as to the validity of these claims. Obama has clearly promised many things that will not come to pass. Did he dupe a nation, or are all presidential campaigns as misleading as his?


  1. "Did he dupe a nation, or are all presidential campaigns as misleading as his?"

    Yes to both.

    But the nation was duped long before Obama came along. Evidence of deceit in politics is easy enough to discover. Problem is, nobody really seems to care enough to inform themselves. That they were duped just reveals how much they really don't care that they are being lied to.

  2. It's difficult to tell the difference between deceit and delusion. I think the latter is more common - and more dangerous.

    In my opinion, I think most Presidential candidates think they can deliver. Unfortunately, most individuals actually think the president controls the economy. PE Obama actually thinks the government can create jobs - and most people believe him.

    Unfortunately, the 25 million jobs cost money - either from the government directly or from businesses hiring them.

    In the former case, increased levels of taxation would be required to pay all the new folks on the feds payroll, in the latter case, businesses actually need to succeed to afford to hire.

    The two conditions here are mutually exclusive. And since he (and congress) plan to levy extra carbon taxes and tax increases on the top earners, the only way to create jobs would be for the government to hire people directly, but without production from the private sector, the funding for those jobs will dry up quickly.