Monday, November 24, 2008

Employee "Forced" Choice Act

Janet's article over on C4tR News regarding the "Fairness" Doctrine got me to thinking about the other misleadinly named legislation that will likely be pushed through congress shortly after January 22.

Dubiously dubbed the "Employee Free Choice Act", the bill will remove secret ballot elections from the process of unionization at a workplace.

A brief rundown can be found here.

The EFCA would replace the secret ballot (which was apparently good enough for the Democrats when deciding Joe Lieberman's fate) with the collection of signatures. As soon as the Union collected signatures from over 50% of the employees, all employees would be forced to join the union.

And we all know that the labor unions would never pressre anyone into signing...

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  1. Looks like southern dems may hold the key in the fight against card check legislation.

    They would be wise, since their economies are in far better shape than Michigan in large part due to the fact that they are relatively free from the grip of the labor unions.