Monday, November 10, 2008

How can we learn from mistakes...

if no one is permitted to suffer the consequences of their mistakes?

Whether it's the current administration setting aside $700 billion (and lending another $2 trillion) for the banking industry - oh and the US auto industry, and the [insert next giant company], or the coming administration declaring that urgent action is needed for the families who struggle to figure how to pay their bills.

Whether you are a family of 4 or a company with 40,000 employees, the possiblility of failure provides incentive for caution and careful consideration of ones choices.

It should not be a news flash that life involves choices about the allocation of ones resources. Generations past struggled to pay their bills - apparently struggle and careful consideration is a bad thing now days. It is to much to expect individuals to purchase homes they can afford or rent until they can afford.

Businesses fail all the time for many reasons - maybe they provide a good or service that is not in demand, make foolish investments, are inefficient, etc. This allows the market to determine who is productive and who is not.

Safety nets promote risky behavior and inefficiency. You'll never learn to ride a bike if you never take the training wheels off.

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