Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not exactly a bright future

John Ziegler has a video of some interesting tidbits about Obama voters from this past election - some of the finer points are outlined over at Powerline.

The biggest eye roller was this:

"87 percent said that Sarah Palin was the candidate who said she could see Russia from her house"

It was Tina Fey who said that while playing Palin on SNL.

Shockingly over half of the people interviewed were college grads. Read the link (and click through to the video - it reminds me of "Jay Walking" for those of you who are Leno fans)

UPDATE: Not the Onion video (although it's pretty funny)


  1. To be fair, I'm sure that are plenty of "geniuses" that voted for McCain. However, this goes back to the whole notion that more voters is necessarily a good thing for the nation. Voting does not enrich a democracy unless the voter bothers to inform themselves enough to make an intelligent deision.

    Our troubles have been pinned on the Republicans & it's no wonder why since most voters did not even know that the Democrats controlled congress.

    Seems to me that would be something important if one is to make informed decisions.

  2. This is not shocking if you consider that the source of most young people's news is from SNLs weekend update, Jon Stewart, Leno, Letterman, and other comedians. We live in an entertainment culture. People don't want to watch the real news, they want to be entertained. They don't know the difference between a joke and a fact. You also have to take into account the comedian's bias toward the left.

    Additionally, the Sarah Palin wardrode issue should not ever have been made into an issue. If she were a male politician, this would not have even come up in conversation. No one expects male politicians to shop at Men's Warehouse for their suits, so why is there such an outcry that she supposedly shopped at Neiman Marcus or Saks? Men's suits are expensive. I'm sure Obama, Biden, and even McCain had equally expensive wardrobes. Finally, there was some criticism of Michelle Obama's designer dress on Election night. But I think the objection was more to the fact that it was kind of odd and whether it was flattering or not, not that it was probably expensive. And there was what, one news story on that subject? As opposed to the many news stories on the subject of Sarah Palin's wardrobe to the point where it now has been termed wardrobe-gate.

  3. This is cause to be pessimistic.

    I watched this yesterday, and it is definitely funny, but only for so long. Then it becomes depressing.

  4. Dayzee:

    You are correct - on top of the fact that most of the accusations RE: Palin's wardrobe were demonstrably false, discussing Palin's clothes had no bearing on any issues whatsoever.

    It was simply a club to beat the only person in the GOP that posed a threat to the Obama campaign.

  5. The GOP dropped the ball on this whole election in my opinion. There are numerous things they could have chosen to expose or draw attention to about Obama and the democratic party in general that they chose not to, not the least of which is Obama's sealed birth records. A big reason that Obama won was that his campaign was a well-oiled machine.