Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama's first test

Joe Biden stated that Obama would be tested quickly.

Handling pirates would be a good way to start. Don't be gentle.


  1. Two things

    1) Arm the crew

    2) weaponize space

  2. This shouldn't concern the US at all... unless they attack Americans. Maybe the pirates have, and I just am not aware of it ( didn't follow the link).

  3. The article for the "Handling pirates" link said,

    "Stopping the pirates at sea is almost impossible. The time that lapses from when the crew of an innocent ship spots the approach of a high-speed pirate boat until it is boarded is less than 15 minutes - not enough time to get a US frigate to come to the rescue."

    If there is not enough time to get a US frigate to help the innocent vessel, than maybe a missile from space would be able to get there more quickly.

    I'll admit that it was not a well thought out idea. Maybe even a well meaning leftist comment. I don't know.

  4. It certainly is in US interests when pirates threaten major shipping lanes.

    Unless you believe we should not be involved in international trade whatsoever, the hijacking of cargo vessels definitely impacts us.

    Not to mention that Maersk is a British company and we support our allies.