Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The science of progress.

President Bush (and by extension the GOP) was excoriated for caving to the religious right and showing disdain for science when he signed an executive order prohibiting the use of Federal funds to support the destruction of human embryos for research purposes.

Yet its barely a blip on the radar when real progress is made using adult stem cells - allowing individuals to become their own donors. Why is it so critical that human life is destroyed?

This is besides the point that embryonic stem cell research is still perfectly legal in the US - not to mention that individual states are free to fund such research.

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  1. from what Ive heard, embryonic stem cells usually go haywire when placed in the body.

  2. "Why is it so critical that human life is destroyed?"

    Liberals are looking for a justification for abortion. If they can prove that they can make leaps and bounds in scientific research using embryonic stem cells, then they can justify killing babies for science. After all, it is for the greater good. Sacrifice one life in order to save many lives. Additionally, they don't consider embryos human life, so it angers them that they aren't getting the funding they want to make the scientific discoveries that would justify their position.

  3. By reading the article linked by "real progress" it would seem that stem cell research is beneficial to the donor of the stem cells. If embryonic stem cells are used to grow organs, then the problem of rejection would still be a threat. Wouldn't it?

    If this is so, then the scientists are back to square one in trying to justify the research on embryonic stem cells.

  4. Another thing, if this it is such a demand to use human embryos in stem cell research, there should be no problem in getting the funds to do it. If the majority of the people wanted this research to be done, money would be donated left and right and there would be no need for government funding. The cancer society and the heart society and children's hospitals receive funding all the time from the private sector.

  5. JDS: you are correct about rejection. The reason adult stem cells work are because you are donating tissue to yourself. The genes are the same.

    The biggest thing that bothers me in the debate is that those in favor of embryonic stem cell research paint those against embryo destruction as anti stem cell research and anti-science.

    Neither is the case - it is simply a staw man.

  6. "Liberals are looking for a justification for abortion."

    Absolutely agree. This is the intent of the very far left fringe. Unfortunately with well-thought-out commercials relying solely on emotional appeal and images of happy, healthy people supposedly helped by embryonic stem cell research, they are able to get things like Prop 2 in Michigan to pass.