Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We've had it all wrong.

Our current economic woes have nothing to do with people buying homes they couldn't afford, banks lending to individuals who could not pay, or exhorbidant labor costs in Michigan.

Our economy is in the crapper because of Climate Change:

Note that it's not "Global Warming" any more - it's "Climate Change"

It should be obvious to anyone that capping emmisions and forcing energy companies to pay additional fees to produce the energy we need is just what we need to pull out of this mess.

Hat Tip: Planet Gore


  1. What I don't understand is why global warming--or climate change or whatever--is a bad thing. Environmental avengers and leftists in general need a history lesson--for most of the recorded past, the problem has been falling, not rising, temperatures. A "mini ice-age" of the late Middle Ages and early Modern era caused massive crop failures, famine, and may have contributed to frequent outbreaks of plague. Generally speaking, we should be glad we live during a warming trend. We should take advantage of our current affluence (an unacknowledged inheritance of capitalism) and enjoy longer summers at the beach. And buy down jackets for our great-grandchildren.

  2. Oh, and that "mini ice-age" was only a drop of two or three degrees Celsius. With temperatures roughly equal to those of the 10th and 11th centuries AD, we're actually achieving equilibrium for the first time in centuries.

  3. My question is, "What does climate change have to do with national security?"

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  5. "National Security" is bandied about by both parties to gain public support for policies.

    I hate when the pol's tie everything to Nat'l Sec. (even in times when I favor the policy).

    If it's a good policy, then it should stand on it's own merits. Tagging National Security to every intiative renders the term meaningless when it comes to real national security issues.

  6. On another note, I was really hoping that PE Obama would desire a successful presidency enough to hold off on economy crippling pet projects until we were in a bit better shape.

    Apparently this is not to be the case. I'm sure Detroit will recover just fine when they have to deal with increased energy costs (on top of whatever Carbon Credits they need to purchase for themselves).

  7. Denial is no longer an acceptable response? What about all the scientific evidence that points to the fact that global warming a myth? It sounds like Mr. Obama is a proponent of the Orwellian Ministry of Truth, whose responsiblity it was to rewrite history to match the propaganda of the party line.

  8. John,
    Obama is just a puppet of the ultra left wing zealots that funded his campaign, and who are now looking for him to dance to the beat of their drummer. He catered to them during his campaign for their financial backing and now he will continue to do so during his presidency because it is payback time. He is nothing on his own. Have we ever even found out who the real Obama is? He was well hidden during his campaign, so it is anyone's guess who he really is. Who was he? where did he come from? He was groomed for the presidential role and those who groomed him are now essentially running our country. I hope and pray that Obama will do what he's said he will do and try to unify the country by presiding over it from a centrist perspective instead of from the left.