Saturday, December 6, 2008

Intellectual Properties

Masterpieces of the Imagination, brought to you by the Benefits of Liberty and the Property Rights of the Mind.

Time for my weekly viewing / listening / reading recommendations! Oh boy, right? As always, the "masterpieces" may or may not be directly related to the Right--but you can help me keep this column relevant to the Blog's theme by remembering that freedom (freedom to do what you want with your dollar; freedom to do what you want with your conscience; freedom to do what you want with your typewriter, etc.) is what makes innovation and creativity possible.

For Viewing: The Sting
Last week I recommended a more recent film, so now I offer this classic. If you've never seen this greatest of all heist movies (makes the "Ocean" movies look like a bad joke), then there's no time like the present. Starring the late, great Paul Newman, and Robert Redford. Remember: Stealing? not cool. Stealing from gangsters? very cool.

For Listening: Morton Lauridsen's "O Magnum Mysterium"
Maybe I'll do more Christmas-themed recommendations as the holiday draws nearer, but let's kick off the season with this incredibly rich choral setting of an old Matin text. The words basically just say--what a great mystery it is that animals should be the ones to welcome the newly born King. I apologize if you're not really into a capella choral music, but give this one a shot. Here's a decent version by the Robert Shaw Chamber Singers. Listen for the creative harmonies, and especially for the subtle climax at 3:36.

For Reading: "Aeropagitica," by John Milton
Milton's time-honored pamphlet defending the freedom of the press and attacking censorship. Obviously, this selection does pertain to the overall theme of the blog. In my opinion, it is one of the greatest documents in the canon of "freedom literature." Read the entire text here. Please fight through the Puritan-Pamphleteer style; I'd particularly like to know what you think of this one.


  1. Props to your props for The Sting. I love this movie--it blew my mind when I first saw it around the age of ten.

  2. Working my way through "Aeropagitica" now - thanks for the link.