Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bi-Partisan measure? Are they kidding?

Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-MN dist. 6) has started a worthwhile blog detailing the activities of the Democrat Majority.

This particular post debunks the notion that the stimulus package being rammed down are throats is far from the bipartisan measure it's being touted as by Speaker Pelosi. Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee presented 18 ammendments to the bill, 1 was agreed to and the other 17 were rejected outright.

As Rep. Bachmann points out, the Democrats are well within their rights to ignore GOP input (they are the majority after all), but doing so while claiming to reach across the aisle is outright dishonest.

Update: Here's an excellent video detailing why the "bailout" is bad.

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  1. I don't understand the democrats philosophy that to help the country get out of debt, they need to borrow more money. Wouldn't that make us further in debt? Making these bailout plans, and throwing money around is not going to fix our problem, and stimulate our economy, especially when the government spends our money on abortion funding, and global warming. All the money that was given to save banks, where did it go? We do know that some of it went to a 50 million dollar private jet for citi bank. Spending all this money unwisely is really going to take a toll on the country soon. May God spare us.