Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Triiiillllion Dollars

I was visuallizing Dr. Evil saying it when I typed the subject line for this post.

Anyway, to get a glimpse of how much is being spent in the recently passed stimulus, see here.

H/T The Corner.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Obama proof stocks

I wouldn't exactly call it a vote of confidence in your policies when you are singled out as a reason to buy Australian companies...

The fundamental flaw in today's liberal policy is that they assume they can legislate away human nature. In reality, people will ALWAYS act in their own and their families interest.

Obama's spending will inflate the dollar, so people buy gold to protect the value of their savings. Obama's tax policies will penalize companies that generate income in the US, so people will invest in foreign companies.

The markets will certainly respond to the "stimulus" and other proposals on the Presidents agenda, but it won't be a positive response.

H/T Campaign Spot

UPDATE: Go here for more visual evidence of what the market thinks of Obama's policies.