Saturday, July 25, 2009

The president will own you.

Not only will a federal plan result in Washington determine who does and who does not get care, the President wants those decisions to be made by a body beholden only to the White House.

In a letter this week to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, White House budget chief Peter Orszag urged Congress to delegate its authority over Medicare to a newly created body within the executive branch. This measure is designed to circumvent the democratic process and avoid accountability to the public for cuts in benefits.
If this happens, and you find yourself in need of an expensive lifesaving procedure, the president will be the one who determines if you live or die.

At this rate, we will all be indentured servants to the White House before we know it.

UPDATE: Further down the in the article even further illustrates the deadly serious nature of this health care bill:
While the House bill being pushed by the president reduces access to such cures and specialists, it ensures that seniors are counseled on end-of-life options, including refusing nutrition where state law allows it (pp. 425-446). In Oregon, some cancer patients are being denied care by the state that could extend their lives and instead are afforded the benefit of physician-assisted suicide instead.
So not only will seniors be denied care - they will be actively encouraged to kill themselves...

HT: Powerline

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