Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Obstruction Please

Predictably, the Democrats continue to accuse the Republicans of obstructing progress - pointing in particular too Tom Coburn's recent move requiring Bernie Sanders' single payer amendment to be read aloud prior to any debate on the subject (all 767 pages). Senate rules require unanimous consent in order to dispense with the reading.

Senator Sanders withdrew his amendment three hours into the reading.

Senator DeMint has threatened to require the same for the actual health care bill once it's 2200+ pages have been completed.

Sanders response clearly illustrates the difference between liberal opinion and the majority of US citizens:
“The best the Republicans can do is to try to bring the United States government to a halt,” he said. “It’s an outrage, a disgrace. It explains why so many people have contempt for Washington.”
Senator - the reason most in America have contempt for Washington is because politicians like you refuse to leave us alone.

Obviously there are critical issues the Senate needs to vote on (military appropriations bills, voting on judges, etc). However, there is nothing preventing Democrats from shelving health care and voting on the important stuff (that Washington is actually SUPPOSED to be doing) before moving back to debate on a bill that most in the US clearly do not want.

Let's raise a glass to more obstruction in congress - not less!!

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