Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top 5 Reasons the Democrats Need to Pass Health Care NOW

With the Democrat's scrambling to get their health care bill passed before Christmas, you might be wondering "What's the rush?" Why not take a few months to discuss the contents of the bill before voting on it - especially when it doesn't go into effect until 2013.

Here are the top 5 reasons the Dems need to pass it NOW - in no particular order.

1) 2010 elections: Even though Democrats are smarter than everyone else, they realize that voters do not want their Health Care Utopia, so then need to make sure it gets passed soon enough that you will forget about how they voted come next November

2) Visibility: Currently the bill the Senate would be voting on hasn't even been written. If the GOP got it's way, the bill in it's final form would be posted for 72 hours for anyone to analyze before they vote. The Dem's can't afford more voters and on-the-fence Blue Dog Dem's to realize the actual contents of the bill.

3) Obama: President Obama desperately needs something to brag about come January for his State of the Union Address.

4) Taxes: Even though Washington won't start regulating in the conveniently after the next Presidential election year of 2013, the tax hikes to pay for it go into effect immediately. By stealing from you for 3-4 years before they actually have to start paying for this new Utopia, they can make their claims that the bill is deficit neutral slightly less ridiculous.

5) Getting their Way: Like anything else in Washington, the Dem's know that once the government gains control over your health care, it will NEVER be repealed. The GOP may be able to tweak it here and there, but Washington's control over your life will never relent. Any chance of real health care reform - reform that makes medical care more accessible by all, rather than crippling the best medicine in the world, will be lost forever.

Since the Democrats have pursued a strategy of bullying, bribery, weekend & holliday votes to rush through their "reform" package rather than open & honest debate, the Republicans have no choice but to employ stall tactics to force this bill into the light.

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  1. #3 If this bill gets past, Obama will have something to brag about during the 2012 Presidential campaign before this debacle really has a chance to affect the economy too badly.