Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stossel's new blog

Apparently, the search engines haven't caught up to the fact that John Stossel is no longer with ABC, but is now with Fox Business.

Since part of the listing criteria for a given search term is based on links containing that term, I'll help him out.

Here is John Stossel's blog.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Socialist countries have greedy thieves, too

Jonah Goldberg's defense of capitalism is a much needed read.

Much (actually all) of the blame for our current economic woes are laid at the feet of "capitalism" - never mind that we haven't had anything close to a completely free market in over a century.

Capitalism's detractors also neglect to notice that Europe is in the midst of economic troubles of their own - and those that are seeing improvement are doing so by embracing (however begrudgingly) capitalism.

As Goldberg points out, greed, theft, dishonesty are all human failings - not of any particular economic system.

If a company habitually cheats its customers and/or shareholders, customers & shareholders will leave in droves for their competition. When a government (which is just as human as any corporation) cheats its citizens, there is nowhere to turn from its oppression.