Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hooray for Central Falls, RI

It seems that the town doesn't have the patience for poor education.

In spite of the fact that the average income for teachers in that district is more than 3 times the average of Central Falls residents ($70-78K vs $22K), apparently working an extra 25 minutes per day to tutor students in the woefully underperforming school was to much for them.

When the teacher's union rejected this burdensome demand, the town fired them all.


  1. Actually, the demand was to work an extra 25 minutes during the work day, tutoring students before and after school on a rotating basis, 2 weeks of training during the summer, eating with students once a week, and other meetings and evaluations. Still, not a lot to demand, but it's best to use all the facts.

  2. Thanks Kevin. You are correct to make sure we want all the facts in there.

    In my business, if we are failing to meet schedules, deadlines or quality standards, it's pretty much a given that we are expected to work harder & longer to make up ground.

    Given that this district was woefully underperforming, AND the exhorbidant pay the teachers were pulling in (compared to everyone else), the additional expectations were definitely not out of line with what private sector companies expect when underperforming.