Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NJ Voters reject school budgets

In spite of recent polls that show declining support for Governor Christie & his budgets, apparently voters throughout the state agree with him that our schools have other options besides hiking taxes.

For the first time since 1976, voters in a majority of school districts turned out to reject the proposed budgets - or as the AC Press put it "angry taxpayers outnumbered concerned parents".

Notice that the believe in fiscal discipline (and understand that you can't spend more than you have) makes you "angry", but caving to union demands to continue their history of generous raises & benefits makes you "concerned". Thankfully, voters weren't bullied by the press into spending our state further into oblivion.

As homeschooling parents who take an active role in educating our children, I would think that qualifies as "concerned" regardless of how much of our earnings we believe the local school district should take from us.

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