Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who's in favor of free ice cream?

The majority of New Jersey residents are opposed to oil & gas drilling off the coast of New Jersey.

While certainly not suprising in light of the Gulf disaster, the fact is, it's an extremely rare event.

The big # that stands out to me is that 80% of those polled favor wind power for our energy production. However, we all want things we can't have.

There is absolutely no way we can even come close to meeting our energy needs. We've been trying to break our oil dependency for decades, but the fact is, fossil fuels are the cheapest, most effiicient - and pretty green compared to the alternatives (do we really want to clear cut forests to plaster the land w/ solar panels?)

If simply voting for free ice cream out of thin air could make it happen, our problems would be solved. We'd all be in favor of purchasing wind/solar energy if it came even close to making economic (and physical) sense.